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Big Time



Big Time is an Internet artwork and downloadable iPhone app that uses GPS to measure your precise distance from the prime meridian and tell you what time it is—for you. The time may be different for someone across town. The tongue-in-cheek Big Time critiques the techno-positivism that emanates from Silicon Valley, where micro-payments, targeted marketing, myThisorThat, and iEverything reduce the world to a series of bite-sized “personalized” experiences. But, rather than attempting to turn back the clock, Big Time uses the latest technology to reestablish time as a close relationship between the sun, the earth, and your body.


The artist generously chose to share the source code for his artwork, Big Time, that takes the form of an iPhone App.

See the project website at:

This file (big_time_source_code) is intended for remix and research purposes, it is not guaranteed to work in all instances, and the artist is not able to provide technical support.

Also included for download is a 3-minute artist interview (mckay_interview), recorded by the Berkeley Art Museum.

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